Corporate Solutions

  • SOP Preparation and Implementation
  • Physical Stock Auditing & Reconciliations
  • Vendor Portal Designing and Development
  • Process Mapping and Re-engineering
  • Supply Chain Consulting and Training

SOP Preparation and Implementation

It’s important for every business to establish and provide guidelines to working professionals, in order to have advanced step on process control for better results and monitoring. In the real world, before attempting to automate the process, we must have streamlined the process through SOP. On successfully, implemented and managed the SOP for certain time period, we can easily proceed further to Automate the Process through innovative tools and technology for better business outcome.

Physical Stock Auditing & Reconciliations

Conducting the Physical Stock Audit programme is about to verify the Physical Balances with comparing to Book Balances of Inventory on Hand. It is not an easy task to taken necessary steps to improve the Inventory Accuracy, we required experienced Industry specific professionals having cross functional knowledge, as well as able to execute deep Audit. By conducting deep Stock Audit, we can make sure further risk of Materials and it’s usage which impacts to Business Operations and Bottom-line profit. For having better control on flow of Material and it’s accounting, it is important to conduct periodical stock audits with industry skilled experts, which we are experienced in this area.

Vendor Portal Designing and Development

Vendor Portal is hot topic in current business market. Vendor Portal would helps to improve Procurement Performance for shorten the cycle time, improving buyer performance and better management control on Spend and Supplier Prices. Since, every business having multiple projects and large team of Procurement, it is important for every organization for Vendor Portal to effective control and management of Buyers Productivity, System Compliance, Cost Savings, On-Time Deliveries, Quality Rejections, Liabilities Monitoring and Disputes Resolution. We provide best-in class solution to design and development of Vendor Portal to meet your Business Objectives by understanding the current business process (As-Is) and expected business process (To be Process).

Process Mapping and Re-engineering

We are professionally qualified, experience and skilled in evaluating the existing Business Process and Re-Engineering with improved process which would impacts to Operational Excellence and better Compliance.

Supply Chain Consulting and Training

For improving the Productivity of People, it is important to provide periodical training on Specific Modules e.g. Procurement, Negotiations, Contracts, Strategy etc.